Bible Sutdy

Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Study began Sunday, January 19th, with the first of 6 episodes in the video series “With All Your Heart” by Ray VanderLaan. 

Come journey with us to these biblical locations and get an in-depth interpretation of these bible passages in the lands where they actually occurred.   

One episode will be viewed and discussed each week.

 Week 1 (1/19)  “Build Me a Sanctuary”

Week 2 (1/26)  “Making Space for God”

Week 3 (2/9)  “He Led Them Like a Shepherd”

Week 4 (2/16)  “By Every Word – Striking the Rock”

Week 5 (2/23) “With All Your Might: The Final Test”

Week 6 (3/1) “A Well-Watered Garden”

The series focuses on the theme:    “Do you remember where your blessings come from?  In Exodus, God warned Israel to remember Him when they left the dry desert and reached the fertile fields of the Promised Land. Discover how quickly the Israelites forgot God and began to rely on themselves.”